Larke Haulage Ltd

Servicing all Areas

Have you got waste timber or green waste?

We will take waste timber from factories, building sites and demolition sites such as:

  • Pallets

  • Timber packaging

  • etc.

We will take green waste such as:

  • Bushes

  • Tree fellings etc. from the horticultural industry

  • Site clearance

At Larke Haulage, we recycle as much waste as possible and dispose all waste in line with government regulations.

Our lorries for waste timber and green waste have a capacity of 34 cubic yards so a big job for you is a small job for us. We handle the job from pick up to removal to disposal or recycling.

For more information on Recycling contact Larke Haulage for a once off job or a regular contract

Patrick Larke Haulage Limited is a Company registered in Dublin, number 328359 with a registered address at Killenure, Ballybrittas, County Laois, Ireland. Permitted and insured to collect construction and demolition waste and green waste from all counties in the Republic of Ireland.