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Green Waste Disposal: All Your Questions Answered

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

More than ever, businesses and individuals are concerned about the amount of waste they generate. Luckily, more and more items can be recycled; however, when discussing waste management, what frequently gets overlooked is green waste disposal.

After clearing out a lawn or after site clearance before a building project begins, they'll inevitably be a lot of organic waste. Organic waste or green waste is treated slightly differently from other rubbish types. Because of this, clients sometimes have questions about this waste type. Therefore we've gathered some of the more common questions below and added comprehensive answers.

What is considered Green Waste?

Green waste is defined as organic waste that comes from gardening or landscaping activities. This can include:

Grass clippings


Prunings from trees and shrubs

Weeds and flowers

Hedge trimmings

Twigs and small branches

Vegetative kitchen waste, such as fruit and vegetable scraps

Green waste does not include soil, stones, plastic bags, or other non-organic materials. In Ireland, green waste is usually collected separately from other household waste and taken to composting facilities to be turned into compost or other soil-improvement products.

In Ireland, what government regulations govern the disposal of Green Waste?

In Ireland, various government regulations and guidelines regulate the disposal of green waste. Some of the principal regulations that govern the disposal of green waste in Ireland include the following:

Waste Management Act 1996: This act provides a framework for waste management in Ireland and includes provisions for properly managing green waste.

European Union (Waste Framework Directive) Regulations 2011: These regulations transposed the Waste Framework Directive into Irish law and set out rules on waste management, including green waste.

Waste Collection Permit Regulations 2007: These regulations provide for the granting of waste collection permits by local authorities, which are required to collect green waste.

European Union (Landfill Directive) Regulations 2003: These regulations set out rules for the disposal of waste in landfill, including green waste.

In addition to these regulations, guidelines issued by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and local authorities provide information on the proper handling, storage, and disposal of green waste. The EPA also guides using green waste for composting and other soil-improvement activities.

How much does getting rid of green waste cost?

The cost of getting rid of green waste in Ireland can vary depending on several factors, including the amount of waste, the method of disposal, and the location of the waste.

Because of this, we provide competitive and fully customised quotes which cover your green waste disposal needs. To request a no-obligation quote, please get in touch with us today.

Do you still have some enquiries about green waste disposal, or would you like to schedule a pick-up? Please get in touch with our offices today. Our friendly customer service agents will be available to discuss your needs in detail.


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